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Many people will find that NBN is not yet available to them, however as the network is rolled out new areas become ready every day.

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NBN 12/1 Monthly


NBN 25/5 - 24 Months


  • 25/5 Mbps & Unlimited Data*
  • Initial Payment

    BYO Modem: Only pay 1st month service = $65 + pro-rata

    Supplied Hi-speed WiFi Modem: Pay for modem + 1st month service = $214 + pro-rata

  • Delivery Estimate: 3 to 5 business days depending on location for modem delivery
  • Our Special Offer: Subsidised modem & installation + low cost 24 month value with option to leave after 13th month, by providing 30 days prior notice + $65 break fee to cover admin. Terms & Conditions apply.

NBN 25/5 Monthly



Let Customer Care know you need discounted international calls and they will assist you in downloading the App.
Mobile App is free to download.

Discount International Calls

Need discounted International & National calls bundled with your NBN service? Get our mobile App bundle!

  • Mobile Calling App is more convenient than a fixed phone because you can take your mobile phone and use anywhere you have mobile coverage.
  • Mobile Calling App bypasses the mobile call service and uses Internet data to complete International and National calls at Motion Telecom discounted call rates. (App sits on your mobile phone but is not making an international mobile call.)
  • Both Apple (iOS) and Android mobile smart phones supported.
  • Mobile App has the biggest call discounts available at Motion Telecom
  • It is easy to install and easy to use.
  • BoltGoGo Mobile App is provided by Aggregato Australia which is the parent company of Motion Telecom

ADSL Services which are NBN ready

Need a new internet service today however NBN is not yet available in your area?

Have an existing ADSL service plan with Motion but wish to convert it to an NBN service?

Looking for a better deal because your existing ADSL service is about to expire?

  • New Motion internet ADSL broadband service are supplied with a NBN ready WiFi Routers, so swapping over to Motion NBN when available will be simple.
  • If on an Motion ADSL plan, then you can change over to an Motion NBN service and carry forward the balance of the term on a NBN service.
  • Motion Telecom provides very competitive ADSL internet broadband services for home and business requirements.

Contact customer care with your ADSL needs on ph: 1300 133 399 or emailcustomerservice@motiontelecom.com.au