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Frequently Asked Questions


NBN Service

1. What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a national communications infrastructure currently being built by NBN™ on behalf of the Federal Government. This is to provide you fast and reliable internet service.

2. When is the NBN coming to my area?

NBN Co has scheduled the roll out of the network around the country. To find out when your area will be covered by the NBN, check the NBN Co’s coverage map. To check the service availability go to the address checker at

3. When can I sign up for Motion Telecom NBN service?

You can sign up to Motion Telecom NBN service when it is available in your area. To check the service availability go to the address checker at

4. Do I have to switch to the NBN?

If you live in an area where NBN has been rolled out and you wish to keep your landline or Internet service, you will need to switch to the NBN before the copper based services in your area are disabled. This may occur about 18 months after NBN becomes available in your area.
You will not need to switch to NBN If you live in an area where NBN Fixed Wireless has been rolled out. Copper based services will not be disabled in Fixed Wireless areas, however we recommend to make the switch and enjoy the speeds of the NBN.

5. Are the Motion NBN speeds guaranteed?

Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Motion Telecom. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable.

6. What speed options can Motion Telecom NBN provide?

NBN plan service speeds (download) are 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps , 100Mbps. Please note download and upload stated speeds are the theoretical maximum.
The majority of NBN customer (from any provider) are unlikely to ever achieve these maximum stated speeds, or achieve them consistently. There are many factors both technical and service related that impact people’s service speeds.

NBN Service Availability

1. Can I get Motion Telecom NBN?

Motion Telecom NBN service is only available where NBN have rolled out and activated the NBN services. New areas are activated on a regular basis and eventually it will cover most of Australia. To check the service availability go to the address checker at

If you are an existing Motion Telecom HP and ADSL2+ customer and interested in the NBN service, call  Customer Service on 1300 13 33 99

2. Renting your home

I’m renting, how do I get the NBN?

For NBN Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) and Fixed Wireless, you will need to get permission from the property owner to install NBN equipment in your premises. We recommend that you discuss with your property manager or landlord about installation of Motion Telecom NBN service

3. Will Motion Telecom supply me with a router to work with the NBN?

Motion Telecom can provide a NBN ready Wi-Fi  router as part of the service package or you have the option of providing your own, however it must NBN ready and configured to use Motion services and be in good working order.

4. How long will it take to get my NBN service working?

If the NBN service is active in your area connected to your home address, then it generally it takes between 3 to 5 working days to get connected once you have completed an order and payment with Motion Telecom. Router delivery times will vary depending upon where you live.

5. Will Motion Telecom notify me of the installation date during the application process?

Yes. Most of the time it is a simple self installation of the WiFi router however if you are need an NBN connection into your home you will be sent an email notification confirming the installation date and time-frame or you will be receiving a call from us. We will also notify you if a technician appointment is required to install your NBN service. You, or an reauthorized person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the technician visit.

6. Is a technician appointment required to install the NBN service?

A technician might be required to attend to your premises to complete the installation and make sure you are connected to the NBN network .If an installation appointment is required, you or an authorised person over 18 years of age will be required to be at the premises on the day of the technician visit. On the installation day, an NBN installer will come to your home to do the necessary work.

It is usually a self installation of the WiFi router. We ship it you you and you plug it in.

If your premises have an active NBN service connected previously then it is unlikely that you would require technician’s visit.

7. I have NBN with another provider. Can I get NBN from Motion Telecom?

Yes. You can make a new application with Motion Telecom and then cancel your existing service with the other provider (cancellation charges may apply with your other provider and Motion Telecom is not liable for any cancellation fee with your provider).

8. Who do I call to connect my internet and/or phone services to the NBN?

If your area has been declared ready for service by NBN Co, you will need to contact your preferred service provider(s) for phone and/or internet services to arrange connection. If you have an existing provider that can provide services using the NBN, and you are happy to stay with your provider.

9. Do I still need the NBN™ if I only want a voice line and I do not need the internet?

It’s important that your property is connected to the NBN™ network because in the future it will replace the existing landline phone in the majority of cases, as well as existing ADSL internet and selected cable internet services in your area. This means if you want to keep making phone calls and accessing the internet through a landline service, your property will need to be connected to the NBN™ network.

10. Will my disability equipment work on the NBN?

You should confirm with the manufacturer of your equipment that your special equipment can operate on the NBN. Make sure to check with both your service provider and equipment supplier, as the network configuration can have an impact on the operation of the customer equipment.

Motion Telecom Voice Services

1. Can I port (transfer) my existing phone number to Motion Telecom?

You can port (transfer) your phone number from Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Primus or Powertel to Motion Telecom. We may not be able to port your number in all circumstances, this includes failure to provide account details, or contractual obligations with your existing provider. If you are porting your number to Motion Telecom, inbound calling to your number will not commence until porting is complete which will take additional 1 to 5 business days after your Motion Telecom NBN service is installed.

2. Can I use my existing phone wall socket for Motion Telecom Voice service?

If you have NBN FTTN, FTTB, HFC or Fixed Wireless:
You can use your current telephone handset, however it will have to be plugged into the VoIP port on the supplied Wi-Fi Router using a standard telephone cable.
If you have NBN FTTP:
You can use your current telephone handset, however it will have to be plugged directly to one of the UNI-V ports on your NBN Connection Box (NTD) when your NBN service is activated, we will advise you of which port to use.

If you wish to connect your phone to an existing wall socket, you should check if your in-premises wiring is connected to the NBN service. If it is not connected to NBN, you may need to install additional permanent phone or data cabling through wall, floor or ceiling cavities which must be done by a cable registered with an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) accredited industry registrar.

It is probably much easier and cheaper to purchase a compatible VoIP Handset.

3. While my phone number is being ported to Motion Telecom can I still make outgoing calls?

Yes, as soon as Motion Telecom NBN service has been installed, you will be able to make outgoing calls from your Voice Service. You can choose which plan is good for you.

4. Once I register for NBN Bundle, can I cancel the NBN service or Voice service component?

No, the NBN or Voice service cannot be cancelled separately. Since Motion Telecom NBN is a bundle plan, cancellation will cease both services.

5. Do I need to call my current provider to cancel my existing home phone service or Internet?

Once the FTTB service has been activated, if you currently have any existing services like phone or internet at your premises, you will need to contact your current provider to have these services cancelled to ensure you do not receive any further bills. Motion Telecom recommends you check with your current phone and/or internet service provider regarding contractual commitments and termination/disconnection fees associated with your current services. Motion Telecom is not responsible for these charges. If you are also porting your existing phone number to Motion Telecom, do not cancel your phone service until the number has been ported.

6. Do I need to change my phone or internet provider to NBN Co and will I keep the same phone number?

No, NBN Co does not provide telephone or internet services directly to the public, and acts as a wholesaler to other service providers but when you switch to NBN if you stay with the same telephone service provider following migration to the NBN, you will be able to keep the same phone number. If you change telephone service providers, the provider you are leaving must let you take your number with you, however the new provider is not required to accept your number.

7. Can I contact Triple Zero (000) if my phone service is on the NBN?

Calls to the Emergency Call Service and National Relay Service—using a phone to dial triple Zero (000), or using a TTY (teletypewriter), dialing 106—will be available over the NBN. You should be aware that if your service does not have battery backup you may not be able to make any calls if there is a power failure. Customers with mobile phone coverage in their area should also consider having a charged mobile phone on hand for emergencies. If you have a VoIP service, you should check with your VoIP service provider whether your VoIP phone can be used to dial Triple Zero (000).

8. I am having trouble (for example a fault) with one of my services supplied over the NBN, who do I call?

You should contact your service provider for the service that is experiencing the trouble. For example, if the problem is with your phone service, you contact your telephone service provider. If the problem is with your internet service, then contact your internet service provider. Your service provider will work with NBN Co to resolve the fault on your behalf

10. I’ve received a letter saying that my phone service is being switched off, what does it mean?

In areas serviced by fiber to the premises, the copper network will be decommissioned 18 months after the area is declared ready for NBN service. You will receive a letter six and three months before this date to advise you that if you wish retain your telephone service, it’s time to switch to the NBN.

11. What will happen if I do nothing?

If you do nothing, your home phone will not work and you will not be able to use it to make or receive any calls including emergency calls after the network is switched off. Once your phone service is disconnected, you may have to pay additional costs if you change your mind and want to connect your home phone to the NBN in the future.

Usage and Charges

1. How am I charged for Motion Telecom NBN Bundle?

For Motion Telecom existing and new customer the first bill will be prorated usage, month in advance and the set-up fee. The monthly bill will be on a Direct Debit payment.

2. Can I use Motion Telecom Voice for local calls only and choose another provider for other calls (national long distance, international, calls to mobiles)?

No. Motion Telecom Voice is full service including line rental, local, national, international and home to mobile calls. Customers must not preselect to another carrier or use the Voice service to make override calls on a third party network.

3. What is NBN™ New development Charge?

On 2 April 2016 NBN™ introduced the New Development Charge which is a one-time charge of $300 to all new orders for services in new development locations. This charge is a contribution in a new development to the infrastructure cost of the NBN™ network.

We will inform you during the registration process if the New Development Charge applies to your premises.

Plan Charge & Relocation

1. I am an existing Motion Telecom NBN customer, what should I be aware of during relocation?

We can provide Motion Telecom NBN Bundle to your new location if NBN is already available in that area. Just call us 15 working days before you move.

2. What if I am relocating to a location where NBN is nto yet available.

We may be able to offer other Plan that is available in your area. Then once NBN is available that’s the time that you can switch to NBN and you can sign up for another 24 months contract and we are not going to charge you any cancellation fee.

3. Is there any cancellation fee if I cancel my Motion Telecom NBN service?

There is no cancellation fee if you are out of contract or in a no lock-in contract term. You just need to pay the remaining usage for the phone and internet before we cancel the service. But if you are under a contract cancellation fee will be $65 plus the remaining months.

4. I am an existing Motion Telecom HP and ADSL2+ customer. Can I switch to Motion Telecom NBN plan?

Yes, as long as NBN Service is available in your area you can call us so we can process the application.

Happiness Guarantee

1. There are two easy termination options – Am I eligible for both?

Yes, you are eligible for both easy termination options. The Happiness Guarantee option comes into effect after the first three months and the Early Termination Option is eligible after 13 months of service. So you have two easy termination options if you are unhappy with our NBN services.

2. Why are the best deals only available on the 24-month service term agreement?

Because we can reasonably believe that we will probably have a customer for a 24-month period (easy termination options excluded of course).

This means we can provide the lowest competitive monthly pricing of all our NBN services, plus with some specific plans also subsidize the cost of NBN WiFi routers and installation.

In many cases our initial costs are greater than the revenue obtained in the first months, so we can only feasible provide these type of discounts if we can reasonably expect a longer term revenue stream from the customer.

The lower service charges and subsidized NBN WiFi routers and installation can add up to hundreds of dollars’ worth of customer savings over a two-year period.