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When will NBN be available?

So you checked your address in the NBN address checker and looks like NBN is not yet available in your area.

If you have not yet checked then use this link to check now: Address Checker 

NBN is being rolled out throughout Australia however NBNCo. only provide details as to which areas (streets, suburbs, towns, etc) become ready to be connected. They do not publicly release next area forecasts.

So rather than constantly having to check, we can inform you when your postcode becomes ready. Also, you can lock-in our special offers for up to 12 months by completing the details below.

This way you can keep doing your research and if you do not find a better offer, we will honour the lock-in while also keeping you updated with NBN news and related info.

We promise not to be a pest and will not email you every day. Also your privacy is important to us and we do not sell, rent or release you contact details to any external organisations without your permission, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

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